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                                       My Thunderbird experience

We have created these pages to share our car experiences, ideas, and links to great automotive products. Don't let the name fool you.
Although its focus is 57 Thunderbirds,you will find LOTS of other related information that you're sure to find helpful.  For example, I just started a new webpage on 58 Ford Retractable.

So browse through the pages and enjoy! 

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  The purpose of this site is to help motivate me and other Thunderbird owners whose cars have been sitting in a garage gathering dust like mine has been.
I intend to document my restoration on this site as I make progress so make sure to book mark the site and check back often. 
   Credit for some of the information viewed on this site is due to the Early Bird magazine, classicbird group and links from other sites I think are of interest  to the hobby.I am not selling anything and hope that this site will be helpfull to people that have the same interest.
   If there is a problem with any material on this site, e-mail me and I will remove it.     


Here is a little history about our restoration project. I purchased the car in Michigan in 1980 and drove it until 2000. I've had a lot of fun driving it around town and taking it to a few car shows, however as you can see it's long over due for a restoration. I believe the vehicle was a drag strip car in it's previous life. It has torsion bars welded on the rear axles and a switch on the shifter in place of the one under the gas pedal. The data plate shows red inside and out,3-speed overdrive E-car with no power accessories and it had a sticker price of $2800. I plan on keeping the car 99% orginal because of it's value, however I will make a few minor alterations.

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