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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Starting a blog!

Hello Everyone! Thanks for all the positive comments about this site.I am starting a diary to keep everyone informed about the problems and decisions that arise.Please check back often for updates.

8:56 pm est


   I made an appointment to have the body soda blasted and the frame sand blasted the first week in May.Before then I need to get the body off the frame and stripped.Before removing the body I need to fix a few problems.The first one is in the next link,Restoration Problems.

   As you can see in the body section some of the problems have been fixed.Next week I'll work on the fender problem and disasemble more of the body.I'm finishing up the white car (look in the garage link} and take parts off the red car to assist in remembering how to assemble the other car.

2009-04-03   A discussion about the pro's and con's of soda blasting came up.The question is about the ability to get all the soda residue out of the hidden area's so it doesn't affect the paint in the future.The plan was to soda blast the body and sand blast the frame and underside.Plan B would be to DA the sheet metal instead of the soda.I'm going to investigate a little more,talk to the blaster and decide which is the best way for this project.

2009-04-28    Yesterday the blaster called and was planning to come on Friday,May 1st. A date was set for May 8th because the body was not off the frame yet.Much work has to be done before friday.

 2009-05-06  After a few delays with rain and other problems I think we have a solid date for blasting on Monday,May 11.I don't expect to complete this project without making some mistakes.I may have wasted  time working on some problems before taking the body off .

2009-05-07   Been putting in some long hours getting ready for the blaster.There is a ton of under coating on the body.I hope I can be ready by monday.I still haven't decided whether to paint the frame or PC it.Going to have to decide soon because after blasting it monday will have to either prime or prep it for PC.

2009-05-14    I didn't expect this much work to get the body ready for blasting and had to re-schedule for the week of the 25th.I finally have all the under coating off and ready to presure wash the body.It was important to take the time to get the body clean before blasting.

  2009-05-23 The car was blasted on the 20th and has been primed.The next item is ordering a few body panels and start working on the body.

2009-05-29  Because the car came from Michigan there were a few more suprises after blasting the body.Thinking about the future of the car,I thought about not reveiling all the problems concerning the body.The web site would be great documentation to dispose of the car if it had to be sold.I'm not planning to sell the car nor live forever and down the road I'll let someone else deal with that situation.After some thought the car is what it is and I'm going to proceed as planned hop-ing some of the information will be helpful to others.

2009-05-29 I've been working on the body and decided to tackle the rust hole in the spare tire well first.This problem has been solved to my satisfaction but because of the odd shape it took longer than I anticapated.When I get time I'll post pictures in the restoration problems link.

2009-06-01   The floor repair panels came and so I cut the rusty panel out today.I also updated my mig welder to run .023 wire instead of .030. I test welded some sheet metal and it works great.With the floor panel out it makes it easy to work on the vent door area and the body mounts.When removing this section I have to be careful not to change the structure of the body so I'm planning to mount the body back on the frame after I 'm done welding to finish the body work.

2009-06-13   After putting in a week of work the left side vent area,the inner rocker panel and the left inner fender corner panel have been replaced.With the bottom rear front fender and the floor panel cut out it was accessible to do a decent repair.I've been tuning up my welding skills on areas that don't show or show very little.Next week I'll replace the left side floor panel,two of the three body mounts and the bottom rear front fender panel.I'm about half finished on the left side.The right side of the car will take less work.

2009-06-21    It's been a busy time and because of the surprises I found after sand blasting I haven't keep the restoration problems link up to date as well as I should have.I'm  also re-designing this link to make it more user friendly.I planned on 2 weeks to weld in some body mounts but instesd it will be 2 months to do what needs to be done.I will say things are moving along well.

2009-06-25   It's 90  here today and a good time to stay inside and work on the site.I ordered a few more sheet metal panels today so until they get here I'm moving from the rear quarter to the front fender problem I never finished.

   2009-07-04    The rear quarter inner fender repair panels came yesterday so next week I will work on the rear quarter.When this is replaced all the panels will be welded in on the left side.The right side isn't as bad and should go faster.

   2009-07-14   I finally finished up welding all the panels on the left side.I have a little grinding left and some body filler to spread to cover the welds.I think I"ll take a little break before starting on the right side and start that pretty motor.I have it sitting on a cart with a radiator mounted in front and planing on mounting the trany  and clutch so it's ready to set in the frame with very few problems.

2009-07-31   I was getting burned out on body work and needed a change to something else.When I put discriptions under the pictures on this site it takes lots of time to think it through so I decided to put some pictures on and fill in the discriptions later when I have more time.

2009-08-11   Happy to have the engine running and will now get back to the body.In Ohio we've had the coldest tempeture so far this year on record which made it nice working on the car.The last few days the tempture has turned around so I'm catching up on this site.

2009-09-04   Today I went to the VTCI car show at Coshocton Oh.and stopped at CASCO parts and restoration business.Every business should have a Don as he gave us a tour and explained the history of the growth and capabilities of CASCO.I was very impressed by his knowledge and PR skills.
     I'm only a month behind on my restoration project as I wanted to be applying paint to the body by now.I'm about ready to set the body back on the frame for the final door and trunk lid fit and finish the blocking.I need to get this car painted before it gets cold.

2009-09-06   Today my mustang was in a movie,look at picture #2 in friends rides.The car didn't miss a cue and is photogenic.It was a good experience for both of us.Maybe I can get a little video and put on this site later.

2009-09-28    I still don't have the body back on the frame for door,hood and trunk lid fit.I'm going to spray Eastwood Encapsulator on both sides of the floor pan first.Hope to set it on the frame in a week.I'm a little concerned about priming the body (2 part primer) and spraying the top coat with little drying time on the primer.I have too much time on this project to do short cuts now.

2009-11-13   The body has been set back on the frame for a couple of weeks now and have been working on door and hood gap.I had to do some major surgery to get the gaps acceptable.I'm now applying some body filler and blocking  for a smooth finish.I'm not meeting my goal to have the body painted by now and will have to decided weather to wait until spring and work on the frame. 

2009-12-05   The weather is turning too cold to do much painting,19* this morning.I'm ready to prime the body and will do so in the next few days.I will wait until March to block the primer and paint the color.In the mean time I will take the body back off the frame to restore and mount the engine.

2009-12-09   Primed the body yesterday and today we have 50 MPR winds and the temperature falling to 13.

2009-12-20     Decided to go ahead and fill any pin holes, sand and prime again.When block sanding the primer putty, a few places went though to the body filler.A few areas were not quite straight.The body looks good now and I'm so burnt out from sanding that it's time to let it rest until spring and work on the frame.

2009-12-24     Having the body off the frame,it's stripped and ready for repairs and paint.It's nice to work on something different.I'm behind my June schedule but making progress.Going to midnight mass and enjoy the holidays.Merry Christmas.

      2010-01-01   This is a time to reminisce about the past and think about the new year.Although I'm two months behind on this project it has progressed well considering all the unexpected problems that occured.I know I would be further behind if it wasn't for my many helpful friends on the Thunderbird list who have given me good advise and motivation.I'm still planning to have the car finished for the Dayton show and hope to meet many of the guys who have helped with this restoration. Happy New Year

2010-01-02    I started the new year with a bang.I ordered a new stainless steel exhaust system,a set of Diamond Back tires and thinking about a stainless steel bolt kit from e-bay.

2010-01-09   I'm getting the parts ready for plating by sandblasting the back side of the bumpers and selecting the parts that need to be done.It's cold blasting outside but I think it will be better to make sure all rust is removed. 

2010-01-16     I took the rear springs to a spring shop to have them re-arked,$20 ea.Yesterday they called and said to pick them up,there no good and need to be replaced.One of the leafes broke during the progress.The SS exhaust,tires and SS bolt kit have arrived.I'm going to catalogue some parts today and set up a used computer in the shop to make the process more user friendly.

2010-01-20     Loaded up and delivered all parts to be plated.I'm hoping they will do a good job with them.Ground off the front motor mount and welded on the new one.

2010-02-17   Thought I'd better do some up-dating or you all might think I'm dead.The weather here is COLD.I heard that for the first time in many years  Lake Erie is completly frozen over.I haven't done much in the last month but I'm still going to try finishing this project by June 15th. So if anyone is checking this site I'll try to keep it up dated as the wrenches and paint will be flying.

2010-02-20     It's a little warmer today and no wind and time to do more outside sandblasting.Five wheels and brake and front end parts are ready for paint and PC.

2010-02-26        I've been sandblasting small parts and powder coating them but had a set back today.I had a problem with the oven and will try to get it fixed ,but I can always prime and paint to stay on schedule.I think PC is more durable and easier to clean.

2010-03-11       Powder coating oven is up and running again and have completed cleaning and PC black on the small parts.I have a few to PC silver and red.I have a few small parts to prime and paint black and red before I spray the rear axle and frame.
     Before I PC the air ducts I remembered people having trouble fitting them in the fenders and since I reworked the scoop area I tried installing them.I spent two days working with them for an easy install.
     To stay on my time frame I have to have the engine installed in the frame by the end of the month??

2010-03-20     The parts are ready to install and the frame and rear end housing have been painted.Next week I will work on building the frame.The seat is back from the trim shop striped and ready to be blasted and painted.The trim shop wanted to disassemble the seat.

2010-04-03    Picked up the chrome from the plater today.As usual a little behind schedule.I have to set the engine in the frame and install the brakes and exhaust yet.Looks like another week before I can do the final prep on the body and paint.I painted the body color on the wheels and it looks great.

          2010-04-17     As usual its going slower than anticipated.I have the exaust system to install and put the tires and wheels on to complete the frame part of the restoration.I hope to prep the body and start spraying color in a week.I'm going to have to decide by May 10 what to do about the Dayton show.May have to go to plan B.

2010-05-01        I'm back working on the body.The body needs to be painted before the bugs and huminity become a problem.The body is pretty straight and shouldn't take too long before spraying color.

    2010-05-16  This past week one of my friends came over to inspect my body work and said It wasn't ready to paint. I didn't want to take any short cuts to take the car to Dayton so I entered the running gear in the display section of the show.This takes some of the pressure off and lets me do the job the car deserves.I hope to have the body ready to set on the frame when it comes back from Dayton.I'll keep updating the body section as the work progresses.  

2010-07-04     Because I didn't meet my goal to have the car done for Dayton I lost some of my intensity.I could come up with a lot of reasons for not getting much done in June but I won't bore you.I am now back on tract to finish this project up.The doors,top,hood and trunk lid are painted,color sanded and buffet out and they look great.This week I'll spray one last coat of primer sealer and wet sand with 400 grit paper on the rest of the body,getting it ready for the color coat.

2010-07-08    I finally have the painting finished and will work on other project for a week.Next I will assemble all the parts on the body that won't interfer with setting the body back on the frame.

2010-09-18      The month of Sept. I'm cleaning a few parts,traveling a bit and doing some farm maintence to get ready for winter.The month of Oct. I'll start a new page named body assembly and put the car back together.I hope to have it done by Jan 1st. I will keep the site updated.

2010-10-07   I'm back working on the car again starting with the dash and fire wall cover.Im happy with the finish on the body and excited about setting it in back on the frame.

2010-11-04    I had to order a new light switch for the dash and while waiting for it, I installed the fire wall pad.Will put pictures of the pad in soon.The dash is almost done and I'm working thru the wiring which always slows me down.

        2010-11-25   Thanksgiving  and I don't have the body on the frame yet but I'm thankfull to have it this far along.The dash is in the car and I'm getting close to setting it on.Looks like I'm only going to be a year behind schedule.Have a nice thanksgiving and be thankfull for what you have.

2010-12-05    The dash hookups are almost complete and I'm working on inter fender wiring and head light bucket installation.I don't have door braces so putting the doors on is a must.The weather striping will be easier to install before mounting the doors and I may put the window glass in also.Christmas and the cold weather are slowing me down but I'm pushing ahead.

2011-02-25   Because of the cold,snow and part time job I haven't been in the shop since Christmas.Hopefully spring is right around the corner,my bookkeeping and tax jobs are caught up and I'm ready to finish this project.Last year at this time I was considering taking the complete car to Dayton in June.Only about a year behind but slowing down will give me a better restoration.

2011-04-18    I've been working on this project but have'nt updated it with pictures.Will do so soon.The body is ready to set down on the frame and it will be a big step forward.Little things to get ready are time consuming.The weather is getting better and I'm anxious to finish this project .

2011-04-25   The windows are in the doors and the master cylinder and brake pedals are installed.Today the body goes on the frame.

2011-07-15    I've slowed down on the T-Bird restoration to work on a retractable.When one gets frustrating I move to something else.I'm going to work on the steering column today and get the car running soon.

2011-09-25   I've been moving ahead on the restoration projects but haven't taken the time to post them because the weather is good and I don't want to spend this time sitting in front of the computer.When I update I have lots of information to share.

2011-11-20    In the month of Dec I will be updating this web site.I have been working hard on my projects and will have lots of information to share.I've made some good steps forward and also had some set backs.

       2012-02-01 Because of the cold weather restoration work is slowed down and more time is spent on reading material and summer planing. I recently purchased an old Coke ice box that sat at service stations in the 30's which will be fun to restore for my display. I'm going to try to get the top working propertly this month on my retractable and tweak and update this web site.

 2012-03-10    The retractable is a big challange but I'm making some progress. I will be finishing the Thunderbird  project this spring to enter it in some local car shows. The weather is warming up and I'm getting anxious to do some cruising.

2012-04-28      I've done some cleanup around the farmstead and I'm looking forward to finish the restoration on the 57 T-Bird. I have most of the remaining parts restored and ready to be assembled. The local big shows are in June and I hope to be ready.


6/10/2012   When the weather get nice it's hard for me to be inside on the computer so I'm behind updating this site. This month it's exciting when I can see the satisfaction and completion to this project. I'm looking forward to getting it on the road and introducing it at local shows.


2012-08-09     I thought after getting all the dirty work and the body and paint work finished,the rest would be downhill and fun.
Boy was I wrong. The interior is taking longer as are all the finishing touches to complete it. I supose it will never be completly done as there is always something to maintain or improve on. Shortly I expect to have it on the road and happy to achieve my goal.

      2012-10-31     The car is finely finished and ready for next spring fun. What isn't done is to update this site with many more pictures and information. It has been too nice outside to sit at the computer but with the weather changing I will have this done by the end of the year.

 2012-12-27  Winter has finally come and so has the completion of this site with the entering of the rest of the pictures and comments.