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Have you ever removed parts off your car to restore,taken a few weeks to reassemble and misplaced a part to complete the job? I have and on this restoration there are going to be hundreds of parts. We need a plan!

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   After having parts spread over the shop,in boxes,bags and hanging on the wall in previous restorations I decided a major overhaul was needed in the parts inventory department.It not only took days to find parts but sometimes weeks and months going through boxes and bags.
   Equipment I'm using for parts inventory include:Clipboard,Black marker,Cardboard boxes,Plastic bags,Storage bins,Camera, and Computer program.


The bin I found at a scrap yard but it can also be accomplished with shelves and large cardboard boxes.The peg board with the cups I purchased at a going out of business chain store.I know everyone can't always find this kind of storage,use your imagination.Each compartment has a # and letter. 



   As I take parts off the car or buy new parts,I take a photo,bag or box the part and mark on the outside what it is.I than list on the clipboard a description and location of the parts to enter into the computer.
   In minutes I now can pull up in the computer the condition and a picture of any part instead of hunting though bags and boxes and go right to it's location.

   A photo of a part bagged,marked and ready for a bin location.
   The plan is to restore the car in stages.

Stage 1 is to pull the engine,rebuild and restore it and have it ready to install in the frame.

Stage 2 is to remove the body from the frame and restore the body first.I plan to paint the body off the frame and in doing this the paint will harden before putting it back on the frame.

Stage 3 is restoring the frame.

Stage 4 is reassembling starting with installing the engine back in the frame,than the body and so on.

This is the plan but sometimes plans get changed.