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   This is my next problem.Does anyone have any suggestions?A repair panel is not available.


   A T-birder e-mailed me his solution:   I've been following your restoration page on the net.I can relate 100%.I've had my little bird on the rack for a year and a half now.It is now about ready for paint.I've replaced all the panels like you have done.I had the same problem that you have with the front air duct area.Mine were gone and when I did find a replacement they were $2300 a piece.Yep,thats what I thought too! Anyway I solved the problem by buying a set of fiberglass replacements on e-bay and used them for a pattern.I made paper paterns and welded the pieces together.The first one took eight hours and the second one I got down to about 4.I was really pleased with the results as they fit as they should and with a little mud work on some of the weld joints they look like Henry made them.I have some pictures and possible the patterns and would be glad to share them with you.
   This was a great e-mail message and I appreciate his Ideals.I have not posted my progress on here yet but I have one side finished and the other side is not as bad so it should be easier.Of all the panels I've made so far this is the hardest as 4 other panels bolt into it and it has to be perfect.


    This is how it looked before blasting.It didn't look like much of a problem.