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pic #1

   Having been a farmer my whole life this building was erected in the early 70's to store farm machinery.It is 40 X 60 X 14' high.Having retired from farming in 2002 I started converting it over for a new purpose.

pic #2

    I always wanted to have a filling station display and one day I decided to have a party.I collected all the materials and on a Sat. morning with some friends the hammers started pounding.By evening this was accomplished and the day was ended with a cook out.

pic #3

   My next project checking out the gas station progress.Next is preparing the base for the new concrete floor.

pic #4

   My gas station needed some equiptment to look cool.It's time to restore some items I collected years ago.This old pump is in terrible shape but thanks to the internet replacment parts can be found.

pic #5

   The small parts were powder coated and the larger ones painted with Imron.Some reproduction parts had to be purchased to finish this project.

pic #6

   Displayed are restored gas station equiptment with a few flea market items.

pic #7

   The gas station night view .It all came together very well.

pic #8

   An update on the shop interior.When the building was used for machine storage it had a stone floor.The first thing that was done was to level the surface and pour concrete.In order to heat the building the ceiling had to be lowered and the side walls covered.The area was insulated with six inches of material and the covering was garage door panel seconds.We have a local suplier of this material and the panels were also insulated.
    We have a 2 ton rolling hoist, a 250 BTU over head heater  and a parts washer.

pic #9

   A top loading sandblaster is handy for cleaning up small parts.I also have a pressurized unit for larger items.

pic #10

   The heart ot the shop is this 10 HP air compresser.It is setting in the loft area out of the way.

pic #11

   It was too dangerous to climb a ladder carying parts to the storage area so I put in a metal stairs. We have various welders and a torch for metal working.


   Pictured is the security guard.He likes high places to keep an eye on me. Behind him is the door to the storage area.

pic #13

   A wall was put up to divide the 60' length in half.A 18' door was installed to heat only half of the building in the winter and to keep the dust out of the car storage area.In the summer the door is open to have better access to the entire area.

pic #14

   In the previous picture notice the ceiling fan.I don't heat the building 24-7,just when I'm working.One of the biggest problems is spring warm up condensation.I don't open the outside doors and let the inside warm up gradually by running the fans and the furnace.I also use floor fans because the floor holds the cold the longest.I uncover any cars on the storage side and have the door in the partion open.Using this method I have very little moisture.The secret is AIR movement and fans cost very little to operate.